Fire Safety Tips for New RV Families

Fire safety is one of the most important things to know when you decide to live in an RV. No matter what type of RV you choose, you need to have a plan for fires, because unfortunately they are not uncommon.

We live in a fifth wheel and our bedroom sits right on top of where our propane tanks are stored, our water heater, etc. all of which are known causes of fires. In fact, there was a report by the U.S. Fire Administration that failure of equipment or heat source is the most common cause of RV fires.

This blog will focus on what essentials you need to have in your RV to keep safe.

Know Where Your Fire Extinguishers Are

So first things first, you need to know where your fire extinguishers are. With our RV came two fire extinguishers, one right by the front door closest to our kitchen, and one in the “garage” of our toy hauler right by our second entry/exit. Both have the B-C rating to handle electrical and liquid fires.

Make sure your fire extinguisher is B-C rated

This isn’t enough for us, so we purchased an additional fire extinguisher that we keep right by our bed. If a fire were to happen while we are sleeping, we’ll be able to have a way to handle it immediately instead of hoping that we can access the one in the kitchen.

This fire extinguisher is what we got for our bedroom. It is rated A, B, and C so it handles wood and plastic fires as well (which is what the A-rating is).

Check and Monitor Smoke Detectors

Secondly, monitor and check your smoke detectors frequently. We have one in the tiny hall right before our bedroom door. We also have a Carbon Monoxide detector right by our sink near the floor.

Know Where Your Fire Escape is

Thirdly, know where your fire escape is. Some RV manufacturers have really strange places to put a fire escape, like a tiny kitchen window. We chose our RV specifically with the knowledge that it was in our bedroom. This gave me so much peace of mind knowing that if there was a fire blocking our front door, that we had a way to get out through our window in our room.

With that said, it is very high off the ground. Or, it seems like it to me. I knew we needed some sort of ladder to be able to escape safely.

We went with this fire escape ladder that you hook onto the window and pull the strap for it to extend all the way out.

This gave me incredible peace of mind knowing that we could all safely escape out the window should we ever need to.

Make a Plan and Practice

Now that you have everything you need to keep your family safe, make a fire escape plan. Show your children where the fire escape is and where you’re keeping your ladder. Show them where the fire extinguisher is (also teach them that it’s not a toy to be played with). Teach or reiterate the importance of each alarm and what it means so they can notify you if they notice something awry.

Now that everyone knows the plan, it’s time to practice. It may seem silly, or even scary, to practice but it is important.

I hope that none of us never have to actually use any of these tips, but I hope that they have proven helpful to you.

Any other tips or information that you would like to know about RV life, please drop a comment down below!

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  1. These are great tips! Our extinguisher is right by the door, but I don’t know if it is still any good. Also probably a good idea to have on in the bedroom. That’s where our escape hatch is, but we’re a fifth wheel and it would be a long drop to the ground. Thanks for these things to think about!

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